Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities

Care Management

The Care Management Team helps people with mental illness or a developmental disability to chart a life journey and stay on course to achieving their goals. Care Managers assist people in gaining access to necessary medical, social, educational, or other human services in the community. Their help begins with an initial meeting with the individual to talk with them and discover what their goals are for the future.

Using a Person-Centered Plan as a guide, the Care Manager also meets with other special people in the individual’s life to ask questions, gain information and insight that will assist in assessing needs, linking and coordinating services and monitoring progress.

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The Summit Pointe Autism Center is a comprehensive program for children diagnosed with Autism. We offer diagnostic screenings for autism and treatment in the forms of behavior therapy, social skills training and family training. We also provide referrals for speech, occupational and physical therapy. Treatment plans are individually developed to meet the unique needs of each child and build on the child’s strengths.

We directly serve preschool and elementary school aged children. However, we will see anyone with autism under the age of 21 to help them connect with other service providers.

For more information, please contact the Summit Pointe Autism Center to speak with a mental health professional who will be glad to assist you and answer your questions.