The following is an outline of topics that will be discussed at contract renewal meetings. Informational materials have been compiled into a Talking Points packet for distribution during sessions as well as being available here.

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) – 100% compliance / CAPs
•Atypical Providers – Not required to enroll in CHAMPS at this time. Exclusion information shared via MDHHS Bulletin on Provider Enrollment Fitness Criteria – Effective 4/1/2019
•Additional Insured Requirement – Reminder that all external providers are required to identify Summit Pointe as an additional insured on their liability insurance. Refer to section XXV Liability Insurance (6) of the Program Agreement
•Direct Care Wage Update
•Summary of Recipient Rights Substantiated Complaints
•Summary of Site Reviews/ Corrective Action Plans. Provider Network Grievance and Appeal Process
Data Tracking Sheets/ Incident Reporting
•Elements of Medicaid Compliant Documentation. SWMBH Region moving to implementation of consistent documentation format(s)

  1. Medicaid rule reporting
  2. Rounding rules
  3. Place of service
  4. Claims/appeals process

•Budget Review
•Summit Pointe Website
•Interest in Development of an External Provider Group
Upcoming Audit Dates