Free Community Groups

Summit Pointe is now offering free community groups as a means to support and engage our community as we work together to face these ever changing and challenging circumstances. These groups are completely free and open to anyone that wants to participate, you do not need to be a customer of Summit Pointe’s to participate in these groups! Please read the descriptions below to see if any of our available sessions would be of benefit to you and follow the instructions to join these groups.

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Mental Health (Tuesdays 6-7pm and Thursday 10-11am)

Click Here to Join Tuesday

Click Here to Join Thursday

This group will focus on highlighting core aspects of mental health that can be affected by our community’s current circumstances. The group will also teach new skills that can be used to assist you in navigating these new and difficult times. Content presented on Tuesday is repeated on Thursday, so feel free to join either session without missing any of the incredible information!

Substance Recovery Support Group (Wednesdays 3-4pm) Click Here to Join 

This group will focus on providing an opportunity for individuals that are either in recovery or those with loved ones in recovery. The group will focus on reaffirming the difficulties that are faced by individuals in recovery at this time. The group is meant to provide a space for people to openly discuss difficulties as well as success as well as to maintain a sense of community despite the lack of our physical contact!

Notification for Group Participants:

  • These groups are not considered counseling or therapy. You do not need to be and will not become a customer of Summit Pointe by taking part in these groups.
  • Our facilitators are mandated reporters; if they have reasonable suspicion that you are a danger to yourself, someone else, or a child is being hurt, they are obligated to report to authorities.
  • Because this group is public, there is no assumption of anonymity. Any personal information you choose to share with the group will be shared with everyone in the group.
  • These sessions are not recorded.
  • If you are a customer of Summit Pointe, no information you provide or conversation occurring within the group will be recorded or added to your treatment file.
  • Participation in these group is completely voluntary, you are not obligated to stay through the whole meeting, and we only ask you remain respectful to the other members participating if you must join late or leave early.
  • Everyone is participating to assist themselves and their loved ones in getting through these extraordinary times. If your comments are considered hurtful, demeaning, or are being disruptive, our moderator will remove you from the group.