Building Quality Life Options.

A person-centered approach to planning supports an individual, builds on their strengths, promotes community life and honors preferences, choices, abilities and culture.

The person-centered approach involves you, and others you choose, with mental health professionals. In 1995, the Michigan Mental Health Code made it a right for everyone to have an individual plan of service or support developed through a person-centered process. Summit Pointe’s process adheres to these principles.

A Person-Centered Plan means having goals that are important to you, having your choices and preferences respected, setting priorities, having assurances of health and safety, being cost-minded and understanding outomes of choices.

Person-Centered Planning is about YOU. Click here for more information about Person-Center Planning. Or, contact the mental health professional at Summit Pointe, 269-966-1460.

For more information please call Summit Pointe, 269-966-1460 and a mental health professional will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.