Auditing/Monitoring Tools

Annual Compliance Auditing

Site reviews/audits of our contacted service providers are completed by the Compliance team at least once annually as a means of measuring and monitoring performance standards. The reviewer requests service documentation and administrative documentation for a given date range. All files must be sent to us electronically, either via encrypted email, fax, or secure flash drive. If applicable, a review of all physical sites where services are provided to our customers will be scheduled.

The administrative and documentation review tools for each type of provider are linked below. Please note that ALL elements on the applicable tools will be audited at every site review.

Following a site review, a written letter of results is sent to the agency’s main point of contact. Findings from the site visit, recommendations for improvement, and if indicated, request for a corrective action plan (CAP) are included. The reviewer will indicate whether follow-up or further auditing is required.

Medication Monitoring