Community Connections: Summit Pointe and Grace Health

In the second of several episodes with Richard Piet of Livemic Communications focused on our partnerships in Calhoun County, representatives of Grace Health joined the discussion. Together we have examined care partnerships across the board, including a collaborative pharmacy set to open in 2024.

Click to hear our representatives from Summit Pointe and Grace Health share more stories of collaboration. 

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Knowledge is Power: Lunch and Learns, Other Resources Can Help Prevent Suicide

September is Suicide Prevention Month.

Listen now to Richard Piet of Livemic Communications, as he interviews Scott Teichmer, Suicide Prevention Facilitator, who provides valuable education for suicide prevention and training. You’ll learn more about how you can help by recognizing the warning signs of someone facing a suicide crisis. QPR, just like CPR, is essential training you can gain to help save lives. 


Summit Pointe Crisis Helpline: 800.632.5449

Summit Pointe-First Step website
Virtual QPR Training Eventbrite Scheduling 
Summit Pointe Suicide Prevention and other resources
988 Suicide Crisis Helpline website
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